Introduction > Certification and qualification

Experts of Tediko Ltd. have been personally certified and authorized for certain activities as required by the appropriate legal documents or standards; including the following:

  • TI certificate of technical qualification in the sense of § 6a) article 1, letter d) of law number no. 174/1968 of Collection of Laws for individual technical employees of Tediko Ltd.
  • certificates for individual NDT methods in different degrees and different systems
  • appointment of a testing commissioner and lecturer according to Sm-306/E/95 a Sm-305/E/95 Guidelines of Certificating Association for NDT staff in NDT methods
  • certificate of technical qualification for directing or supervising work with radiation sources
  • certificate of technical qualification for weld engineers in the sense of standard ČSN EN 719
  • certificate of completion of basic training for managers and external suppliers according to N. SÚJB BN 01.1 for nuclear power plants of VVER type